PCI Express IP Cores / FPGA Designservices

PCI-Express Smart IP Core Suite

With the modular conception of our IP Core Suite you will be able to create complex PCIe endpoints by yourself in the shortest possible time 
Take profit from our longstanding design expertise.
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FPGA Design with PCI-Express

FPGA Design with PCI-Express Are you interested in an FPGA Design with a PCI-Express
interface ? Hard-, Soft- oder Pipe-Core ?
Take advantage of  our experience in PCI express designs.
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PCI-Express Bit Error Testing

How good is your own PCB with PCI-Express applications ?
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Mixed Signal ASIC Design

We offer custom ASIC Design with the extra flexibility of ordering small quantities of ICs. If you have an idea that largely involves software and electronics, turn this into reality by talking to us about capturing this on to your own IC!
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After X-Fest Campaign !

Buy one of our PCIe Cores from October 15th. 2014 until December 31st. 2014 -

in addition you will get

our Smartlogic Linting tool

free of charge and in order

to boost your personal R&D energy we are going to add for free:

 1 x Ritter Sport

Mini Chocolate Tower -

for maximum energy. 

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Working on your PCIe project will become child's play, thanks to Smartlogic Tools.


Smartlogic's Smart-Lint tool allows the verification of VHDL code. Parametrizable and affordable.

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PCI-Express Basics

Obtain a short overview about
PCI-Express from our
PPT presentation.
pdfPCI Express Basics


We offer you now  -  the in a great number of projects tried and tested PCIe DMA Core with an optional  AXI 4 master for XILINX FPGA's in IP form. Ultraflexible and parametrisable - with customer support directly by our expert team.

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