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Overview 1 High Channel Count IP Core for PCI-Express
Overview 2 High Channel Count IP Core for PCI-Express

High Channel Count DMA IP Core

The High Channel Count DMA IP Core for PCI Express is a powerful PCIe Endpoint with multiple industry standard AXI Interfaces. This IP addresses continuous streaming applications from up to 64 different datasources. Each channel is able to transmit data into a separate memory area. Up to 16 AXI Stream Masters read DMA Data from the Host and present it to the User Logic. Additional 8 AXI4 Masters are available to interface full AXI or AXI-Lite peripherals with the Host.

The Link Stability detector module measures the signal integrity of the PCI Express Link for lab or production tests to prevent shipments of faulty devices (Xilinx only).

This IP Core enables the developer to build complex PCI Express endpoints with no specific PCI Express Protocol Know How. The user only transmits/receives payload data and does not have to build valid PCI Express packets. Find more details in our datasheet.





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